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“Do what you love & the rest shall come."

Roovens Decopin - Trainer/Founder Rilla Fitness
I started as a health care worker but soon realized my passion for helping others change their lives through a craft I genuinely loved. I love waking up each day and having the same energy toward each and every client. So I decided to commit and become a personal trainer full time.
I became NASM Certified in 2017.

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Training & Client Philosophy
I tend to create and follow my own methods which are a little non-traditional. I believe a mixture of calisthenics and weight training leads to quicker results in a shorter amount of time.

Some clients come to me to lose weight, some to gain weight, and some to just tone up and feel better. I tailor each client’s programs to specifically meet their individual needs.

I help people who are trying to change themselves and their lifestyles. I share all my knowledge and give them that extra push they may need. I can also personalize a meal plan for a client, especially when they feel they want results faster.

Goals of Rilla Fitness
I started Rilla Fitness to differentiate myself and my program with a goal to go beyond your limits, beyond the burn.

As Rilla Fitness grows, so do the services I offer. I am planning to have an online program available for the person who doesn't need the extra push of a personal trainer but still would like the incredible results of my programs. Seeing the transformation of a client, and seeing their confidence and health improve is a great feeling and one I love to share with the world.

Rilla Fitness is driven through real passions and real concepts. An idea I have been practicing from the age of 17 and continue to practice and instill in my clients today. I plan on growing by expanding my network with like minded individuals who are positive about life and where it will take them.

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