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How Much:
Bootcamps are $30.00 per person per class.

To pay for the bootcamp you have three different payment options:
Cash App.
You can pay here on our website using Venmo on our Payment Page.

Bootcamps are held twice a month.
Times and locations are announced on our Instagram page @rillafitness_.

The type exercises in the bootcamp is straight (H.I.T) training high interval training short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise with very little break period. Mixed in w/calisthenics using your own body weight to achieve some amazing gains. This is aim to test your limits and help push you go past beyond the burn!

Class Size:
On average the bootcamp usually consist of the first 20 ppl to sign up but also I’ve create space just in case you have friend who would love to experience the journey w/you .

What to Bring:
The only thing that’s needed to be brought to the bootcamps are just a yoga Mat and a bottle of water to stay hydrated cause we most certainly will need that.

As we expand and plan on traveling outside of Long Island Bootcamps will be mainly held in Bayside or Long Island City.

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